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Cars We Service

BMW is one of our primary car lines and we work on more BMWs than any other independent shop in Forsyth County. We know that many BMW owners are enthusiasts. And some are certified car nuts. And we can relate! We’ve been crazy about BMWs since the early 70's when the 2002 was a current model. Our technicians have years of BMW experience and are comfortable working on the classics as well as the very latest models. We are a founding member of the BIMRS group, an organization made up of independent BMW shops and technicians from around the world.

So whether you need scheduled maintenance, have an ABS or airbag problem, want ceramic brakes for your X-5, or want to get your 3-car ready for an HPDS event at VIR, we're here to help. Track day inspections are always free for our regular customers. If you're not a current customer the track inspection charge is $45.  Give us a call at (336) 759-9714 or come by and talk with one of our BMW enthusiasts!

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