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Another car line we love to service is Porsche. Back in the 1970's and 80's Porsche was our primary car line. If you are driving a Porsche and need scheduled service, a water pump, brakes, tires, or most any repair, we are well-equipped to handle your needs. There won't be a new GT3 in the showroom for your to ooh and aah over, but that's reflected in our prices. Please call our service advisor at (336) 759-9714 to discuss scheduling and pricing.

Intermediate Shaft Bearing Issues: Many of you have probably heard about the intermediate shaft issues plaguing the Boxsters and the 996 generation of 911s. This is an extremely serious issue which can destroy an engine. If you hear any unusual noises or notice an oil leak from your Boxster or 911 you should contact The Motor Works immediately. We are trained and equipped to deal with this issue pre-eoptively. Be aware that rebuilding or replacing one of these engines can easily run $20,000. For more info Google "Porsche M96" or "Porsche intermediate shaft bearing".

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