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How Often Should I Change My Oil

One of our customers asks this question almost every day. And to answer this question I'll ask you a question-----how long do you want your car to last?

If your goal is to drive your car as long as it's safe and reliable, read on. If you drive cars for three years and then buy a new one, read no further.

Modern cars with their precision-engineered, precision-built engines, will last almost indefinitely. They occasionally need to be serviced, but they regularly need to have their oil changed. Most of our customers drive their car short distances, running the air conditioning, racing from traffic light to stop sign. This qualifies as "Severe Duty". Your owner's manual clearly states that under "Severe Duty" conditions your oil needs to be changed twice as often as the driver who gets in the car and drives it 100 miles non-stop. That said, after 39 years in this business I have concluded the normal oil change interval for the average driver using synthetic oil is 6,000 miles. Running the oil longer than 6,000 miles means you're pumping dirty, contaminated oil into a precision machine which causes expensive, avoidable problems.

And what if I'm not using synthetic oil? Synthetic Oils - LiquiMoly & Mobil1 Once again I'll ask you a question? Why are you NOT using synthetic oil? It's superior to conventional oil in every respect. And while synthetic oil is more expensive by the quart, it's less expensive to use. How is that possible? Let's look at your car over a 30,000 mile period. That would be 5 synthetic oil changes vs. 10 conventional oil changes. Five more labor charges, 5 more oil filters, five more disposal charges, five more trips to the shop.

This is not New Math. Yes, conventional oil is cheaper at around $4 per quart, synthetic is about $7. But even in a 9 quart oil change the difference is only $27. Have you priced one real German oil filter lately?

That's it for today. I'm off my soapbox. I hope this clears up an old, old question.

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