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Why should I have a transmission drain and fill service?
Transmission fluid needs to periodically be changed for the same reason you change your engine oil; the transmission fluid gets contaminated with metal particles and the fluid loses its ability to properly lubricate the precision internal components.

When should I have the transmission serviced?
Check your owner’s manual for the factory recommended interval. You may discover that there is no factory recommendation. This does not mean the fluid can be ignored. Our recommendation is that the fluid be drained and replenished every 30,000 miles.

What could happen to my vehicle if I DON'T get the service?
Initially you may notice a decline in the quality of the shifting. Eventually the contaminated fluid can cause a complete internal failure making the vehicle un-drivable.

What exactly do you do during the service and how is YOUR service different from any other service center’s?
We recommend draining and refilling the fluid in the transmission pan, typically four to five quarts. This replaces approximately one half the total fluid capacity of the transmission. Flushing the fluid, a different and more aggressive procedure which exchanges all the transmission fluid, is theoretically a better service. But flushing involves the use of external pumps as well as detergents and solvents. We do not recommend flushing under any circumstances.

So how much does this service cost?
In most cases the cost of servicing your transmission runs between $150 and $300, or approximately 5 to 10 percent of the cost of replacing your transmission.

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