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We all love getting on the internet and finding a great deal. WOW! If I buy that frizmostat from those guys in Two Dot, Arkansas I can save a few bucks and the shipping is free! But let’s look at the issues created if we were to install your parts:

  • Let’s throw all caution to the wind and assume the part is of the highest quality. If that part is defective we've got to stop what we're doing and wait while you procure a replacement part. How long is that going to take? And then we have to install the part a second time. And who’s going to pay for that? And are you still in our loaner car? But what if we provide the parts? We are 100% responsible for anything that develops. Parts problem? Installation problem? We’ve got your back. And hang onto the loaner car-we'll be done with your car shortly!
  • Making a small, reasonable profit on parts is an important piece of our business model. If we can't afford to keep the doors open, how is that good for you or for us? Our parts prices are very competitive. And let’s be honest, you don’t take your own t-bone to Ruth’s Chris Steak House.
  • And last, North Carolina law is quite clear on implied parts warranties. Even if you sign a disclaimer saying you don’t hold us responsible for your part, the law says The Motor Works is still responsible. If we install your part we make no money on the part. And if that part is defective, we make no money on the part we have to install a second time. So I ask you to put yourself in our shoes---why in the world would we want to do that?!?!

Here’s the bottom line: we provide first quality parts from suppliers we trust who will readily provide a replacement part if there’s a problem. We’re not going to argue over who is responsible. We are. We’re going to take care of you, our customer. We make a reasonable profit on parts so next time you need us we’re still here. And our customers know that the whole repair process is enhanced by the recommendations provided by our service advisors and technicians. This is a combination that has served our customers well since 1974.

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