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The Motor Works

At The Motor Works, we offer a full range of automotive repair and maintenance services - from inspections to transmissions to tires - for all import cars. Visit our Cars We Service page for a full list of vehicles we service.

Diagnostic Services
The most important consideration in servicing a modern automobile is the repair shop's diagnostic capability. We use "factory" diagnostic equipment and information. These tools are specifically designed for the car manufacturer's products and offer complete capability to interrogate the immense complexity engineered into modern cars. Having these tools and related information allows us to quickly determine the source of an issue with the car. Although these systems are expensive to acquire, it is worth it to have fast and accurate diagnostics.

Basic Service

- NC State Inspection
- Eurolube (Motor Works Oil service)

Scheduled Maintenance Service

- A service - Mercedes
- B service – Mercedes
- C thru H service Mercedes
- Inspection I -BMW
- Inspection II - BMW
- All scheduled service (e.g. 30K, 75K, etc)


- Spark plugs - Replace
- Air filter - Replace
- Cabin filter - Replace
- Timing belt - Replace
- Drive belts - Replace
- Oxygen sensor - Replace
- Wiper blades - Replace

Malfunction Indicators

- Check Engine Light is on including
- “Service Engine Soon” light is on
- Airbag
- ABS/Traction Control light is on
- tire brands


- CV joints & boots
- Driveshaft repair


- Brake pads & rotors
- Ceramic brake pads
- Brake fluid flush


- Tire replacement
- Tire balancing
- Flat tire repair
- Alignment

Cooling System

- Overheating engine
- Anti-freeze leak
- Coolant drain & Fill
- Radiator replacement
- Water pump replacement

Heating & A/C service

- Air conditioning
- Heater
- Blower motor issues


- Automatic transmission service
- Shifting problems
- Automatic transmission fluid leaks
- Clutch replacement

Steering and Suspension

- Wheel bearing noise
- Struts or shocks
- Power steering fluid leaks
- Steering wheel vibration

Other Services

- Pre-Purchase Inspection
- Headlight Restoration

Electrical problems

- Exterior lights
- Interior lights
- Power windows
- Cruise control
- Battery
- Alternator
- Power seats

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