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Why Buy Tires From The Motor Works?

The Motor Works

There are tire shops all over the place. Wouldn’t I want to buy my tires from them? Certainly they’re tires experts and have great prices! Right?

Well, let me share with you why we think The Motor Works is a better place to buy tires. Let’s go down the list. It’s worth the effort.

Our price is competitive and all-inclusive. We want to sell tires and we know the price has to be right. And when we quote you a price it includes new valve stems, wheel weights, mounting and balancing, and disposal of your old tires. No surprises and no unexpected add-ons.

We offer competitive pricing and offer all brands of tires. We have knowledgeable sales people who can recommend the tires you need. We sell all brands but we’re not married to any one brand. Our recommendation will be based on your type of vehicle, your budget, and your specific needs. When was the last time one-size-fits-all worked for you?

All tires we sell include free lifetime rotation and free annual re-balancing. Yes, free! All tires need to be balanced at least once a year. And at The Motor Works it’s included in the price, not an extra-cost add-on. No one else in the industry offer free re-balancing!

Why Buy Tires From The Motor Works

We include the very best tire balance available. Do you know that some tire shops offer several levels of tire balancing?!?! What’s that all about? Who would want anything but the Very Best possible balance?! The best balance guarantees the best ride and the most mileage out of your tires. The Motor Works balances ALL tires on the Hunter RoadForce 9600 machine, a machine few tire shops even have and a machine that is typically used only at additional cost.

We also have excellent tire mounting equipment. We can handle all run-flats and wide, low profile tires on cars like Corvettes, Porsche Turbos and BMW M5s. Inadequate, out-dated equipment will scratch your wheels and tear the sealing bead on your brand new tires. Do you really want to have that conversation with the dude at the big-box store?

When you buy tires from The Motor Works we’ll make sure you’re tires are rotated and balanced when needed, and there’s no need to make an extra trip to the tire store. We’ll take care of all that when your car’s at The Motor Works for general service or an oil change. No extra trips or waiting in a noisy waiting room. And our free loaner cars are always available so you can keep up with your busy schedule.

We have all the special tools and skills required to reset the Tire Pressure Monitoring System. When we service your tires we will cancel that aggravating TPMS light. No need to make a trip to the new car dealer to have the TPMS light reset.

And when it comes to wheel alignment, do you know that most newer cars have front and rear wheel alignment. We have the latest four wheel alignment equipment right here in our shop, along with all the special tools required to make all the necessary adjustments. We always do complete, four-wheel alignments on all the cars we service. Our technicians have the special tools and the training to do the job right!

ALL tire, wheel, and alignment work is done in-house, guaranteeing it is done to our usual high standards. Many of the big-box stores and tires shops do NOT do alignments, or they sublet it to someone else. Do you know who those people are? Are you comfortable having them drive your car? Are they properly insured? Are you sure?!

We hand-torque all wheels to your car. That may not seem like a major issue, but if you’ve ever had a flat tire out on the highway and couldn’t remove the lug nuts because they were over-tightened by a guy with an air wrench, you’ll appreciate this small but critically important step.

And lastly, and thanks for hanging in there, if you like to choose your own tires, that’s easy too. We are a Tire Rack Price Pledge certified installer and you can order your tires directly from Tire Rack. Just click The Motor Works box and your new tires will be shipped directly to us. The Tire Rack will even notify us they’re on the way. Whether you buy your tires from us or have them shipped in, you always get our very best e will gladly mount and balance your new tires and properly dispose of the old ones! What could be simpler?!

So there you have it. We have the equipment, the people, the price, the process, lifetime rotation, annual re-balancing, and free loaner cars. You want buying tires to be easy and convenient and we can make that happen. And we’re just a phone call away. (336) 759-9714.

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