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Eurolube Service

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Here is the exact checklist our technicians use when we perform a MotorWorks EuroLube service. Clearly, this is much more than just a simple oil change.

In fact, if you check your owners' manual and look at the manufacturer's checklist for a minor service, typically done every 7500-10,000 miles, you will see that the EuroLube checklist is very similar. Very similar, that is, except in one important area---Price. At the MotorWorks we charge only $25 plus parts --- expect the dealer to charge $85-150 plus parts!

So how can we charge so much less? It's simple. We appreciate your business! We feel strongly that your car periodically needs more than just a basic oil change. So we offer our very thorough EuroLube Service where our technicians check critical safety items like tires, brakes, lights and steering.

We always use quality German-made oil filters as well as the correct grade of name-brand oil. So why settle for a quickie oil change when for a very reasonable price our technicians will perform a thorough service, properly maintaining your vehicle? Enjoy the peace of mind of our EuroLube Service at an incredibly competitive price.

To read more about how often you should change your oil, click here.

Sorry, Porsches are not included in this special price offer!

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