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The Motor Works

General Info: Mary 5, 2013. Thanks to everyone who contacted us regarding candidates whom they felt had the potential to become Motor Works technicians. We have successfully found and hired a highly qualified technician. Rick Banasik.

Most technicians consider The Motor Works a very desireable place to work and for that reason, we have very little turnover. But presently we do have an opening. If you are considering changing your employment, we welcome the opportunity to speak you in person, or you can send a resume' to

We offer a very competitive benefits package including paid holidays, paid vacation, uniforms, retirement plan and annual training. Salary range is $40K-60K. No nights, no weekends, no warranty work. The entire facility is clean, bright, and air-conditioned, and each tech has 2 lifts. We have a full array of factory scan tools. Most important to you, we consistently stay very busy. If you are presently employed but would like to discuss your opportunities with us, we can guarantee total discretion. Please contact Rick Banasik at (336) 759-9714.


The background of our techs is typically some combination of experience in dealerships, franchises, and independent shops. One of our master techs owned his own shop for many years and was involved in the importation and certification of exotic cars. Another of our master techs spent many years preparing race cars.

The point is this-you don’t have to be a 20 year Meister Mechaniker to do well at The Motor Works. If you have a talent for working on cars, a passion for giving your very best on every job, and a dedication to improving your skills, you might be Motor Works material.

While the experience factors vary from employee to employee, we are very specific about what we require on the issues of ethics and character. Our reputation is based on years of hard work, honesty, and reliability. These qualities are displayed by every member of our team. We respect each other and our customers and their vehicles. These qualities help preserve the successful business and healthy work environment we enjoy.

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