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Why Buy Tires From The Motor Works?
  Oh, let's count the reasons:
     • Easy! Our prices are the lowest you will find. Having a little trouble believing that? Ask us for a quote.
        Who doesn't like a pleasant surprise?
     • Free! Road Hazard Warranty
     • Free! Roadside Assistance
     • Free! Annual Balancing
     • Free! Rotation every 6 months or 6,000 miles
     • Free! Hunter RoadForce Balancing

ALL tire, wheel, and alignment work is done in-house, guaranteeing it is done to our high standards.
Simplify your life. Let The Motor Works handle all of your car care needs!


We are a Tire Rack certified installer and if you prefer to order your tires directly from Tire Rack, you are welcome to have them shipped directly to us. We will gladly mount and balance them and properly dispose of your old tires! Please let us know they’re being shipped.


Other Tire Related Services

Tire Mounting

All tires that we install are mounted using an Artiglio 50 tire-mounting machine that will NOT scratch or mar your expensive alloy wheels.

Check out the Artiglio 50 in action again here:

Tire Balancing

The Motor Works is one of the only shops around to use the high performance Hunter RoadForce 9700 machine - THE latest no-scratch equipment for balancing. The RoadForce system matches the tire to the wheel and provides the absolute finest balance achievable.

For our customers who have vibration problems that the local tire shop can't resolve.......... Let the experts at The Motor Works use our Hunter RoadForce machine to eliminate that aggravating balance problem.

Force Variation


When doing alignments, we use the German-made Haweka wheel clamps. These clamps attach to the tires and not your vulnerable wheels, eliminating damage.

The plastic component at the bottom of the photo locates the wheel clamp without marring the wheel, while the large clamp on the right of the photo holds the alignment clamp on the wheel.


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